Nike launch pays tribute to izakaya (traditional Japanese bars)

Traditional bars in Japan are known as izakaya. Maybe you’ve seen them in a movie, they are usually small and composed only of a bench. Inside this counter is the vendor and customers sit on benches and can support their drinks on this counter.

Nowadays it is already possible to find this type of establishment in some places outside Japan. There are even some scattered throughout Brazil. However, they are not usually cheap and simple bars like in Japan, but they bring a more gourmet touch.


So it was this type of bar that inspired Nike to invent the Nike Air Force 1 Mid.

See here if you recognize anything from the bars of Japan in this sneaker.


Traditional Japanese bars are inspiration for Nike sneakers

The Air Force 1 Mid’07 LX ‘IZAKAYA’ is a special release to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force 1 Mid model this year.

The new sneakers capture everything we love in one izakaya Japanese, starting with brown tones, reminiscent of the wooden interiors of relaxing bars, while also evoking images of the skewers of yakitori charcoal-grilled, similar to Brazilian barbecue skewers but with a completely different seasoning, which are served frequently.

Nike follows suit with copyright issues by incorporating a star – the Sapporo Beer logo – into the shoe, while also depicting a beer bottle that looks like a cross between top beer brands Sapporo and Kirin. All of these are Japanese brands that produce alcoholic beverages, mainly beers.


Two other notable features are a receipt-like tongue and an image of a Shigaraki raccoon dog, which stands outside the izakaya to bring prosperity to business.

Plus, the receipts in the languages ​​deftly detail the history of the Air Force 1 Mid model and its different releases over the years.

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Buy Nike shoes from traditional bars in Japan

As with most of Nike’s exclusive models, not even for those who live in Japan it will be very easy to buy this sneaker. Interested parties will have to buy through the website, but it will not be whoever wants to. But, only those who register and are lucky enough to be drawn.

The lucky winners will be able to buy the sneakers at Atmos stores and online for 15,400 yen (approximately R$600.00) from August 25th, with the draws taking place between the 19th and 15th of the same month.

Additionally, to help celebrate this launch, Trunk (Hotel) in Shibuya, Tokyo will open a izakaya special “Ichibanboshi” operated by Atmos, which will be selling the shoes from August 25th to 28th. Online reservations are required to participate in the izakaya, that will serve skewers yakitori and alcoholic beverages in a stylish environment to help publicize the new release.

Will this be the new sneaker that people will wear to enjoy happy hour in Japan?!

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