Monkey hunters in Japan miss target and hit woman

Yes, there are monkey hunters in Japan. However, they do not use lethal weapons, but tranquilizers, which does not mean that these weapons cannot bring later sequels to the animals.

In one of these hunts and under the argument of trying to protect a city that would be under constant attacks by monkeys, men went out in search of the animals. However, they ended up hitting a woman who was passing by. The hunters were sent by the local municipal government and, in theory, would have the proper training to avoid making this type of mistake.


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Monkey Hunters in Japan

On Monday afternoon, residents of Fuji City in Shizuoka Prefecture reported seeing a monkey roaming the area near Fujikawa Station. In response, the city dispatched three city officials and a contract specialist, armed with tranquilizer rifles, to subdue the animal.


The four monkey hunters arrived at the station shortly before 3pm and contacted a woman who had seen the monkey so that she could provide more information. It appears her report was cut short, however, because while she was still at the scene, she herself was shot by a tranquilizer dart, causing her to lose consciousness.

And no, the monkey was not able to acquire its own weaponry and launch a counter-offensive. The dart, which lodged in the woman’s left arm, came from one of the human hunters’ rifles. City officials say that while the woman was at the scene, the hunters were plugging the barrels of their rifles to prevent air leakage, and in the process one of them inadvertently pulled the trigger on her gun, unloading it.

The woman was taken to hospital, where she regained consciousness about an hour later.


Fortunately, she suffered no injuries and was discharged the same day.

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Do monkey hunters in Japan really need to exist?

In light of what happened, some might question whether the city really needed to send a team to capture the monkey in the first place.

However, despite their penchant for taking relaxing baths in hot springs in the mountains, Japan’s monkeys aren’t always so peaceful by nature.


In the summer of 2022, for example, more than 60 people were attacked by monkeys in the city of Yamaguchi, with some victims sleeping in their beds inside their homes as the monkeys began scratching and biting. Fuji City has also suffered several attacks in places in the city where animals do not normally inhabit, including along streets used by schoolchildren heading to Fujikawa Station as part of their commute, which also led to the dispatch of adult monitors. watching over the creatures during the morning and afternoon hours.

However, it is necessary to know that human beings are invading the space of the apes and it is necessary to find the best way out for them.

Source: Sora News.

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