Modern kimono designer Jotaro Saito launches new brand of practical and washable kimonos

In an interview with JAPAN Forward, modern kimono designer Jotaro Saito has said: “I wanted to make a kimono which wasn’t old, but was cool, new, and something which everyone wanted to wear.” This philosophy has guided him throughout his career.

With “Jotaro Saito composition,” a new brand making its debut at the GINZA SIX store and webshop on Friday, September 11th, the designer wants to create “new classics.” This may sound like an oxymoron, but as he explains in his launch video (see below), “If tradition isn’t updated, old things just become old (…) I respect old classics but I think we need to adapt them to the following generation’s sense of novelty, their sense of beauty, their regulations…”


“JOTARO SAITO composition” proposes a daily kimono style that is practical and washable, making kimonos more easily accessible for everyday use.

Just like Western clothes, these kimonos are ready-made and ready-to-wear in different sizes, so you don’t need to wait for your kimono to be tailored and customized as is the case with traditional kimonos.


The material is polyester and can be washed at home. Similarly, the heko-obi belt is 100% polyester, and the lace tabi sandals are 100% nylon, all washable, and easy to take care of. Thus, they are not just for those who are accustomed to wearing conventional kimonos but also suggested as a new option for those who want to incorporate kimono into their wardrobe.

If you visit the GINZA SIX store location, you’ll be able to receive instructions on how to wear them (by appointment). In the initial lineup, there will be 12 colors of 5 kimono patterns, 6 colors of 2 heko-obi belts, and all 2 colors of tabi sandals.

Here are samples of the kimono designs and patterns:


幾何学 グレー| Geometric Shapes: Grey

大バラ花のぞき クリーム| Large Roses Nozoki: Cream

くずしタイダイ 黒| Kuzushi Tie-Dye: Black


ヘリンボーン洋花シルエット グレー| Herringbone Western Flowers Silhouette: Grey

ヘリンボーン洋花シルエット グリーン| Herringbone Western Flowers Silhouette: Green

ヘリンボーン洋花シルエット 赤| Herringbone Western Flowers Silhouette: Red

Prices range from 98,000 JPY to 128,000 JPY for kimonos, 38,000 JPY for heko-obi belts and 5,000 JPY for tabi sandals (excluding tax).
Article Source: Grapee.Jp

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