McDonald’s Japan launches World Cup hamburger in Brazil

McDonald’s Japan also kicked off 2022 World Cup-themed burger sales.

This year the World Cup will be held in Qatar in November and across the planet many companies have already started selling items with this theme. In Brazil, for example, McDonald’s has already launched a series of snacks that are sold on different days and honor some of the countries that will participate in the tournament.


In Japan, the cafeteria paid tribute to some of the countries that hosted the Cup. Among them, Brazil. Despite this World Cup not bringing good memories for Brazilians due to the 7×1 defeat against Germany, Japan dedicated itself to making an exclusive snack for Brazil.

So, learn more about this snack here and see if it can be a little tastier than the World Cup in Brazil. Let’s face it, for Brazilians it shouldn’t be too difficult to make something that tastes better than with that defeat.


McDonald’s Japan and the tribute to the World Cup in Brazil

The McDonald’s Japan hamburger to honor the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is made with a thick beef burger, fried breaded onions, smoked cheddar cheese sauce and a hot sauce.

It is worth mentioning that, as the Japanese McDonald’s website points out, it is a very spicy sauce and those who do not like or are not used to pepper should be careful when trying the snack.

Certainly, if the person is adapted to peppers, this snack must be much better than the fateful 7×1 that Brazil took in 2014.


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McDonald’s Japan and the other World Cup snacks

But it was not only Brazil that was honored in this McDonald’s campaign.

You may not remember so clearly, especially if you are very young, but in 2002 the World Cup had two host countries: Japan and South Korea.

In that competition, Brazil won the trophy for the fifth time.

And McDonald’s Japan could not miss a tribute to this World Cup, after all, they were one of the host countries. It is a beef burger with a more Asian sauce that is also beef and accompanied by some lettuce leaves.

Another tribute is to this year’s host country, Qatar.

This snack is made with crispy breaded chicken, crispy lettuce, fresh tomato, sliced ​​onion and white cheddar cheese. In addition, to refer to the flavors of the country, there is a Kebab-style hot sauce made with 5 spices, such as garlic and pepper, and a mild sweet lemon sauce that enhance the deliciousness of the chicken and vegetables.

All these snacks, like the one in Brazil, are in a bun that resembles a soccer ball.

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