Make a typical Japanese dish in minutes!

When talking about a typical Japanese dish, you might think of sushi or sashimi. After all, this is the typical image we have of what people eat on the other side of the world.

However, there is a dish that is very common in the country and that you can make at home with ingredients that you probably already have.


So, get to know the rice with egg that is made in the country and how, despite being a western dish, it was remade in Japan and gained unique touches. In addition, this is a dish consumed daily. So if you do, know that you are eating something that many people in Japan also eat, much more than sushi and sashimi.

A typical Japanese dish that is tasty and easy to make

When it comes to Japan’s love of classic “western food” dishes that have translated from retro-style cafes to home cooking, it’s hard to argue with omuraisu, omelet rice, as being at the top of the leaderboard. The popular dish serves a particularly fluffy oval-style omelet, stuffed with seasoned fried rice and usually served with a spoonful of ketchup.


However, the omuraisu it can be a little challenging to prepare at home as many are unable to perfectly wrap the rice in the omelet other than getting the “fluffy” and runny consistency of the eggs.

So, Japanese chef Mugi Rice taught everyone how to make omuraisu Perfect!

Mugi is presented an alternative to make omuraisu at home which can save real time. The chef suggests saying goodbye to the difficulty of trying to make the perfect omelet, embracing the dish’s fried rice beginnings.

Learn how to make this amazing dish here.


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The recipe for the typical Japanese dish for everyday life

Now see how you can make this amazing Japanese dish. Best of all, with a little luck, you’ll have all the ingredients at home.


  • Rice
  • Sausage
  • Egg
  • Onion
  • Soy sauce (shoyu)
  • ketchup

And it’s just these ingredients! That’s right, with only that you can make a dish consumed daily in Japan and enjoyed all over the world.

Preparation mode

First, the sausage and chopped onions are sautéed in a frying pan, then the beaten eggs are added.

The key is to fry them so they don’t lose their shape as much as possible to make a big fried egg.

According to Mugi, half a teaspoon of soy sauce and five tablespoons of ketchup for every 200 grams of cooked rice makes a delicious dish.

This version of omuraisu might not give you the classic oval egg aesthetic, but it’s much easier to prepare at home and brings out all the flavor of this traditional Japanese food.

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