Learn how to make a tasty Japanese pancake in your rice cooker!

Yes, it is possible to use your rice cooker to make other things, like Japanese pancakes.

In Japan, people are crazy about pancakes, they really appreciate this dish, especially in summer and served with ice cream or even a good syrup. The Japanese style of pancakes is more similar to the US than to Brazil. That is, it is sweet and fluffier. Best of all, there are practical ways to do this.


So, see here how you can make this Japanese dish with your rice cooker and, best of all, without making a lot of mess.

A Japanese pancake made in a rice cooker

If you are familiar with rice cookers, you know that their main attraction is that the cooking process is fully automated. The same goes for using them to make pancakes, and once you’ve done the prep work, you can leave the rest to the machine.


To get started, simply toss your pancake mix and any other ingredients needed into the rice cooker pan. So, if you don’t have a pancake recipe, you can buy a box of dough and just add the other ingredients according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

After that, hit the start button and your function will be completed. Just like making a rice cooker, the pancake should take about 45 minutes to cook. When the process is complete, open the lid and claim your delicious prize.


However, beginners should be careful not to fill the pot too high🇧🇷 This can cause the top of the cake to merge with the lid, making it difficult to open. Also, trying to cook too much at once can make the pancake core sticky, although this can be recovered with some time in the microwave. But, anyway, what you want is to be more practical or practical, so avoid doing too much. Worst case scenario, make the pancake batter twice and avoid further problems.

As you can see, making a whole batch as a single solid block results in an incredibly thick pancake. It can also end up being quite large in diameter, depending on the size of rice cooker you use.

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A Japanese pancake and creativity on the loose


Efficiency experts have probably already noticed one of the hidden benefits of this method: less things to wash🇧🇷 With the orthodox way of cooking pancakes, you have to mix the dough in a bowl with a spoon, pour it into a frying pan, and then turn the cakes over with a spatula, and all these utensils need to be cleaned afterwards. With a rice cooker, all you need to wash is the pot and mixing spoon.

Rice cooker pancakes aren’t great for lazy people either. Some inventive gourmands have spruced up theirs by adding special ingredients such as chocolate chips and sliced ​​bananas🇧🇷

So, let your creativity loose to fill your pancake the way you want.

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