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Japanese sushi is one of the most popular foods in the world. This simple item, usually composed of rice and raw fish, is very nutritious and tasty.

However, despite being considered healthy, sushi can be very bad for pregnant women.


Thus, we present to you the reasons for this to happen and what are the solutions for a pregnant woman to satisfy her desire for sushi.

Pregnant women and the consumption of Japanese sushi

Pregnancy tends to take away a lot of the things moms love, like turkey sandwiches, unpasteurized cheese, and that glass of wine to unwind. But is it also forbidden to eat sushi during pregnancy?


Yes, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and other leading medical authorities in the US and around the world. This is because raw fish is more likely to contain parasites and bacteria — including listeria — which can lead to foodborne infections and illnesses and potentially harm a growing baby.

According to The Bump website, this does not mean that all the sushi is off the table, however. Adding certain fish to your pregnancy diet is actually quite healthy, thanks to all those omega 3 fatty acids – as long as the seafood is cooked.

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Japanese sushi developed exclusively for pregnant women

It would be a mistake to think that people in Japan eat sushi every day, but it is still a very common part of the Japanese diet. Between traditional sushi restaurants, conveyor belt sushi joints, and pre-made sushi sets in the seafood sections of supermarkets, it’s always accessible, and with fish and rice both the staples of Japanese cuisine, most Japanese don’t. takes so long between sushi meals.


Except, that is, for pregnant women.

However, there will be an alternative soon for pregnant women who are craving sushi. And the best thing is that it is about to start being marketed in Japan.

The idea is from Kanetsu Sushi.


Kanetsu means “heated”, and that’s the first part of making this sushi suitable for pregnancy.

The sushi chef at Kanetsu Sushi carefully selects the fish cuts for sashimi which are then cooked and placed on his vinegary sushi rice blocks. The parts are then loaded into a special liquid-based high-speed freezer.

The rapid freezing process offers two benefits, minimizing the amount of time the sushi remains at a bacteria-friendly room temperature and reducing the size of the individual ice crystals that form, helping to preserve the food’s flavor during transport.

The Kanetsu Sushi set consists of nine pieces: salmon, madai (golden), shrimp, kampachi (Lebanon), anago (salt water eel), nodoguro uni (black-throated with sea urchin), hotate (scallop), ika (squid) and tamagoyaki (omelet).

Sources: The Bump and Sora News.

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