Knives on train in Japan cause panic over terror attack fears

A series of knives appeared on a train in Japan, which led passengers to believe that some sort of attack might be taking place.

However, this story ends more funny than tragic. A pity that not all situations with knives have the same end as this one.


Knives on train in Japan caused panic among passengers

In Japan, the use of firearms is prohibited and there is strict control over them. Because of this, many attacks are carried out with so-called melee weapons such as knives.

Recently, if you recall, the attack on former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which led to his death, was carried out with a homemade firearm, as the criminal could not afford to buy a ready-made firearm.


Also, also recently, there was an attack by a Japanese man dressed as the Joker who got on trains and started stabbing people.

So if you’re on the train and you see a series of sharp knives, you’d better be at least scared. It is quite possible that something is happening.

But, how was this newest attack in Japan, was it really an attack?

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On August 26, 2022, on an express train running along the Keikyu Airport Line in Ota, Tokyo, at around 6:40 pm, three kitchen knives fell out of a man’s bag, causing a panicked passenger to hit the faucet. emergency door, a lever that allows passengers to manually open the car doors.


Fortunately, the train made an emergency stop at Awamori Inari Station so passengers could escape through the platform doors. Some also called the police emergency number 110 or posted on social media that “there is a person with a knife” on the train.

All service was temporarily suspended on the Keikyu Airport Line for up to 40 minutes due to commotion.

However, it was quickly discovered that the owner of the knives was simply a sushi chef in his 50s who was taking the blades to his new place of work. He was a little tipsy and dozed off while riding the train and a sashimi knife, an ordinary kitchen knife and a pointed knife known as a deba bocho that he kept in a drawstring bag came loose and fell out when he moved.

A witness in one of the other cars said he saw the passengers flee, but realized that the owner of the knives was not acting violently and calmly cooperated with the police when they arrived.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police said they would not press charges as he had a legitimate reason to carry the knives. So despite the stationary train situation, the story had its best possible ending when it comes to knives on a train in Japan.

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