Japan’s Woman Converts Amazon Boxes Into Intricate Sculptures (30 )

Cardboard has always been a common medium used in Art classes. Many of us used it to make all sorts of art pieces, yet some struggled to master this material so much that they can only use cardboard as storage boxes. If you are one of the latter, you are in for a surprise with the intricate artwork Monomi Ohno succeeded in crafting out of this material.

Ohno, who shares her art pieces with over 13k Instagram followers, has mastered the cardboard medium and is capable of creating stunning sculptures out of it. Some of her work includes everyday objects such as watches, popular snacks, and more complicated things, for instance, cars, robots, and pop culture characters. All of them are extremely detailed and look unbelievably realistic.


However, artists had to pick up this technique not out of a passion for cardboard and its capabilities as a material for art purposes, but rather out of necessity. Ohno is a student at Osaka School of Arts in Japan who had to find another way to complete school projects due to a lack of funds. So she turned to the relatively cheap medium which was easily attainable, for instance, ordering from Amazon.

Scroll below to see some of her creations and if you feel like that wasn’t enough, check out our previous list of Ohno’s cardboard art!































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