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Japan’s “black cat” delivery service gets its most adorable driver with mini delivery truck

Kuroneko Yamato, although referred to as “Yamato Transport” in English, translates literally to “Black Cat Yamato” from Japanese. The company is one of Japan’s largest delivery services, and their logo even shows a black cat carrying their kitten by the scruff of their neck to illustrate the special care with which they take care of their packages.

So it’s very fitting that the latest delivery driver for the company is young feline recruit with his very own miniature Kuroneko Yamato truck!

Ok, so he may not be officially employed by the Japanese delivery giant just yet, he’s definitely taken a liking to his cardboard truck which fits him perfectly. The cardboard truck is actually an official rewards item provided by Kuroneko Yamato (which came filled with candy as a thank you for using their service). Japanese Twitter user Kyou decided to use it as a cat house–or vehicle–for their kitten.

The pictures are delighting people on Twitter, with many cheering on the little cat (and apparent manager mother) to work hard and be a delivery cat. Although Kyou also shared this video of the in-training kitty asleep at the wheel, so apparently he still has a few things to learn.

Article Credit: Grapee.jp
Photo Credit: Kyoxxxxx


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