Japanese train station gives commuters the impression Tom Cruise is watching over them

Much like the rest of the world, many in Japan are enjoying the long awaited release of Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. While many have their eyes on the movie, however, it seems that some people commuting by train are getting the feeling that Maverick has his eyes on them.

Japanese Twitter user Takeshi Bitorider (@bitorider) in particular couldn’t help but feel like Tom Cruise was following him around, and he recently shared a photo that will help you appreciate that sentiment.


While traveling by train and pulling up to a station for a brief stop, Bitorider couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching him, and when he looked up out the window, his feelings were confirmed–the person staring at him was ace pilot Maverick!

I felt like someone was watching me and it turned out to be Tom Cruise.


As happy as Top Gun fans may have been if it were the real Tom Cruise, the source of Bitorider’s feeling is actually a poster for Top Gun: Maverick that has been posted unusually close to the train platform!

Nonetheless, many on Twitter found the placement of the poster to be hilarious, leaving comments sharing Bitorider’s feeling of being watched!

“This is freaking me out! It’s a good look and maybe a little scary.”


“It’s hard not to laugh. Tom’s power is too much…”

If it were me, I would be so surprised that I would need to look at it five times to realize what it was.



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