Japanese Train Conductor Makes Boy’s Day, Twitter Cry With Touching Gesture

While Japanese trains are often praised for their convenience and timeliness, they’re also known for inspiring quite a fandom in children. Many Japanese kids are captivated by the wonder of the first time they experience the shinkansen (bullet train), whether it be riding one or seeing the high speed train jet through a station. Young fans often memorize train stations, collect model trains, and even grow up to be train conductors.

Son of Japanese photographer Yasuto Inagaki (@inagakiyasuto) may have just gotten all the encouragement he needed to keep up with his love of bullet trains. Inagaki posted this beautifully timed series of photos to Twitter to the tune of 540,000 likes (at the time of writing) and a wave of heart-warmed users. The son, who absolutely loves shinkansen, was watching eagerly from the Nagano station platform when the train pulled in. Noticing this, the train conductor approached the child, handed him his conductor’s hat and gave him a heartfelt salute and memory he surely won’t ever forget.


It’s just four pictures of a simple interaction, but everything from the delighted smile on the child’s face to the Japan Railway conductor’s salute makes it flow like a touching scene from a manga. Many on Twitter have expressed gratitude toward the conductor’s kind gesture, but given the hospitality of many JR train staff, he probably sees this as part of his job. Meanwhile, Inagaki writes that the child enjoyed this encounter more than meeting Mickey Mouse.

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