Japanese police officers are prohibited from shopping in uniform.

Japanese police officers are known for their education and also for not being extremely violent as in some places on the planet. Obviously, this is due to the Japanese culture itself and also to the high development of the country, which makes the violence rates low.

However, some cities in Japan prohibited police officers from entering convenience stores to shop while in uniform. So, try to imagine the situation in which a police officer really needs to buy water because he is dying of thirst and comes across a convenience store. Well, he would have to walk further until he found a machine to buy his water or go to the police station so he wouldn’t die of thirst.


Worst of all, as you know, there are many convenience stores in Japan. That is, there is always a temptation for these policemen.

But, that story is about to change.


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Japanese police and convenience stores

There’s no way not to highlight how important Japan’s convenience stores are. In a country with hectic lifestyles, huge seasonal climate differences, and cities designed primarily for walking, walking into a convenience store to buy a can of iced coffee, a bottle of hot tea, or even a sock or pen is almost an occurrence. daily for many people.

Thus, inside Japanese convenience stores, you will always have the company of another customer of any age group and any purchasing power.


But what you wouldn’t see in a convenience store, at least until now, were police, at least in Oita Prefecture.

As part of their code of conduct, Oita Prefectural Police officers were prohibited from shopping at convenience stores while in uniform. The concern was that citizens might mistakenly think they were abandoning their duties to peruse the store’s wares, damaging the police’s reputation and engendering public trust in them.

On November 29, 2022, however, the Oita Prefectural Police announced a relaxation of the policy, and officers are now able to shop in uniform at convenience stores, as shown in the video below.


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But why can Japanese police officers enter convenience stores only now?

So why the change?

This is due to a few reasons. First, the old policy was detrimental to operational efficiency. If officers needed something to eat or drink while out in the field, perhaps in the midst of an extensive neighborhood patrol, they would first have to return to the station and get a jacket (one that didn’t designate them as a police officer) to wear over their uniforms, then head back to the station again to drop off their jacket after they’re done shopping.

Furthermore, with the increase in convenience store thefts in Oita City, it is also a good strategy to let the police enter these places in uniform.

Source: Sora News.

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