Japanese mother makes a wish to cheer up hospitalized son during Christmas and is granted

A Japanese mother managed to move the internet by making a simple request for people to help her cheer up her hospitalized son.

This is certainly one of the Christmas messages to cheer the whole world and make us think about the goodness that exists.


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Japanese mother appeals to cheer up 3-year-old son

Normally, the expectation is that at Christmas, children are happy and content with their new gifts and toys.


So this is one of the reasons why people say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But unfortunately health problems are often not considered enough to check the calendar before they arise. After all, an illness can strike us at any time.

And countless people will spend Christmas hospitalized in every corner of the planet. This is a sad reality.

So while most people are hanging ornaments on their trees, shopping for last-minute gifts, or drinking beers and cooking a barbecue, some people will be spending that time in the hospital.


One such person is Japanese Twitter user @noel_bonnie517, who is also the mother of a three-year-old. The timing of @noel_bonnie517’s treatment means she can’t do anything special for the little one for Christmas, and that’s where the Pokemon fan community has a chance to help, as the mom recently tweeted;

“A request for anyone with Eevee at home (‘What are you talking about?’ you might be wondering)

Would you be willing to send me pictures of Eevee for my three year old, whose favorite Pokemon is Eevee? Eevee stuffed animals, toys, video game screenshots, it’s all good.

Since I’m in the hospital, I can’t do anything for my son for Christmas, so I want to send them a lot of Eevee [fotos]🇧🇷 My three year old is doing his best and is not crying so if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.”

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The result of the appeal of the Japanese mother

Bringing smiles to people’s faces is nothing new for Eevee. There are many fans of this Pokemon spread across Japan.

As such, fans across Japan have been responding to @noel_bonnie517’s tweet with photos of their collections and memories, so we hope that in addition to Quick Attack and Charm, this year Eevee can add “to make a child’s Christmas very special” to your skill list.


Many people are responding to this mother’s post. This sure is a great Christmas message. We hope that all the photos sent to her of Eevee will help her little son to recover as soon as possible and that soon he can be happy and healthy like this pokémon.

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