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Japanese Illustrator Documents Her Life With A Cat And Boyfriend In 10+ Adorable Comics

If you pay attention to what’s around you, you’re bound to notice something precious in your everyday life, and if you’re an artist like Mikiko, you might also decide to translate those daily wonders into your art.

Mikiko is an illustrator, who says she always loved to draw. In her comics she portrays herself with her boyfriend, family, and cat. Simple, cute, and often relatable, her illustrations emphasize the beauty of the everyday.

While growing up, the artist moved around a lot and found manga comics to be the way of connecting to her home in Japan wherever she goes. The love for these Japanese comics has certainly influenced her style. She takes her inspiration from people and life happening around her and that she can’t help but admire.

Take a look at her illustrations below and check out our post here to see how the simplicity of everyday inspires other illustrators.

More info: mikiko.art | patreon.com (h/t)











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