Japanese government wants to pay BRL 20,000.00 for anyone who has a child

The Japanese government decided to intensify its fight for the Japanese population to grow again.

The birth rate is a challenge that the country has been facing for years and it seems that this is not going to improve. The newest measure aims to increase the support that parents receive once they have a child. Now, the value, according to the quotation for the year 2022, would be close to R$20,000.00, that is, 500,000 yen.


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The Japanese government and the struggle to increase birth rates

Japan has been struggling to find ways to boost its low and declining birth rate for some time, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare hopes the promise of some extra money in the bank will encourage more people to add a baby to their lives. your family.


Currently, new parents in Japan receive a Fixed Childbirth and Childcare Allowance of 420,000 yen after the birth of their child. In reais, this value, in the quotation of 2022, is around R$ 16,000.00.

Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Katsunobu Kato wants to increase that amount to up to 500,000 yen and has already met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to discuss the proposal, which should be approved and take effect in the fiscal year. of 2023, which starts in the spring.

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But even so, the Japanese government is unlikely to achieve its goal.

However, while this increase in subsidy amount is unlikely to make anyone less motivated to have children, it may not be as effective an incentive either. Although it is called a Fixed Allowance for Childbirth and Child Care, little or none was left after the “Childbirth” part.


Although the donation is funded by Japan’s public health insurance system, childbirth expenses are paid out of pocket, and according to Mainichi Shimbun, the national average for childbirth costs is approximately 473,000 yen.

It is true that cautious attitudes about how to financially support children undermine childbirth in Japan. The central issue, however, tends to be prospective fathers’ lack of confidence in their ability to earn enough to support their family while maintaining a happy and fulfilling work-life balance during the many years they spend. that your children will live. be growing.

That’s a tough tightrope to walk in Japanese society, and worrying about getting it done is a much more contributing factor to the low birth rate than finding the money to pay for the baby’s delivery.


That said, a little extra cash as the family expands is something new parents would welcome in and of itself, and the 80,000 yen increase would be the biggest increase ever for the fixed birth and care allowance. children, and the first since 2009.

Source: Japan Today.

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