Japanese fashion brand teams up with Pokemon for adorable pastel galaxy inspired goods

At the moment, Japanese fashion brands seem to be collaborating with Pokemon all over the place, to bring us super cute character-inspired clothing and accessories. For one, streetwear brand Milkfed has a currently ongoing campaign inspired by Galarian Ponyta, whose lilac and aqua hues perfectly complement Japan’s propensity for cute fashion.

And if you just can’t get enough of the sparkly, pastel side of Pokemon, Its’Demo has got in on the act too. Japanese fashion variety store Its’Demo is a brand aimed at trend-conscious young women, and it sells clothes, accessories, makeup and various other cute trinkets which make perfect gifts or souvenirs. They’re no strangers to adorable character goods, as they also have an extensive lineup of sweet Kirby merchandise.


The latest Pokemon collab is part of the ‘Pokemon Love Its’demo’ range, and has two themes, both featuring cute original illustrations. ‘Star Hunt’ is inspired by the summer night sky and shows various fan favourite Pokemon frolicking among the stars.

‘Sweet Dream’ takes on a pastel cosmos kind of aesthetic, featuring adorable Pokemon soundly sleeping in the pink and blue sky.


Whichever theme you like best, there’s various accessories and goods to choose from such as cushions, stationery, cosmetics and so on, so these cute designs can be used in every day life. The collection will appear on the Its’demo online store from 28th July and in Its’demo shops from 4th August 2020.
Article Source: Grapee.jp

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