Japanese fans and national team surprise the world by not leaving any trash behind

The Japanese crowd is always a draw at World Cups. One of the things that always stands out is that the Japanese are never expected to support the national team so passionately, but they do and they always come up with amazing costumes. But one thing that always catches the attention of the whole world is how the Japanese always clean up the mess in the stadium.

Anyone who has ever been to a football stadium knows that many people end up consuming snacks and drinks and leaving their garbage on the ground.


After all, no one wants to leave the armchair and go to a dumpster and risk losing a goal. However, people end up forgetting about this garbage and leaving it there. The result of the stands at the end of a game is a tide of garbage. But for the Japanese this is unacceptable. They even collect the trash they made and even others!

Check here how the Japanese are once again being an example to the world, not only in relation to the fans and their cleanliness, but even in the locker rooms.


Japanese fans clean the stands

Japan is a football-loving nation, and therefore, sports enthusiasts across the country were excited for the opening of the 2022 World Cup.

Fans who attended Japan’s game against Germany and Costa Rica continued the tradition of international sporting events of Japanese fans to clean up their section of the stadium before heading home.

The Japanese clean the places where they stayed as a matter of habit and also of politeness. In Japanese schools, children are required to clean the classroom. This is part of the country’s education, so that children learn to clean as well as organize a space.


And, you can be sure, in the next cup, Japan will continue to surprise the world with its cleanliness and be a great example for the entire planet.

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But it’s not just the Japanese fans, the players also clean the locker room

Japan achieved a great achievement in this cup which was to defeat Germany. And obviously this is something that needs to be celebrated a lot, both by fans and players.


But before any team celebrations that may or may not take place, the Japanese team made sure the locker room was spotlessly clean.

Not only that, he also left a message for the people who would do the rest of the cleaning of the space with origami gifts for them and also with a thank you message.

After all, while beating Germany on the soccer field isn’t something Japan does very often, good manners are a constant. We hope this Japanese example spreads to other cultures.

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