Japanese created Beautiful Photos Of Cool Tattooed Parents With Their Children

Getting a tattoo is the traditional means of teenage rebellion. These kids have no such luck – their parents are already inked! While tattoos have been traditionally seen as a mark of ruffians, rapscallions, scallywags and other people who are up to no good, loosening social norms means that they‘re slowly gaining mainstream acceptance. And these parents have have some major ink in their skin!

By the way, the word tattoo dates back to the 18th century and comes from Polynesia, as explorer James Cook returned from there in 1771. And while the Samoan peoples were quite proficient in tattoos, the art had already been known in Europe under other names, like staining and pricking. Sailors were the ones to introduce the new word and give tattoos more popularity – and, most likely, the association with rowdy types!

As an aside, the Japanese use irezumi to refer to tattooing in general, the word tattoo for non-Japanese styles, and horimono for the traditional arts.
So, tattooed parents existed for a long time, but now is probably the best time to wears your inks – and on the internet, too!






















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