Japanese coach bowed to the crowd after their World Cup elimination: what does it mean?

The Japanese coach bowed completely, that is, 90 degrees to the crowd after the elimination of the Japanese team on penalties.

The Japanese defeat scared everyone, after all, the selection missed three kicks. And, obviously, this raised serious questions about the work of the national team coach, as well as generated countless memes around the world.


But, before getting into the delicate situation in which the Japanese coach finds himself, let’s see the meaning of a bow like the one he made for the crowd.

The Japanese coach and his bow

There are different types of bends that a person can do in Japan. And they are all ways to show respect.


For example, the degree of angle at which a person bows is related to the depth of respect the person is showing. A simple bow of about 5 degrees is commonly used in informal gatherings, such as between friends and family. According to the go go Nihon website, andThere are also some specific types of arches that are directly linked to the degree of the arch, such as eshaku (会釈), keirei (敬礼) and saikeirei (最敬礼).

  • Eshaku it is a bow of about 15 degrees that is used around acquaintances and is a generally polite way of casually saying thank you or greeting someone.
    Keirei it’s the next arch level which is about 30 degrees. This bow is commonly used in business situations, such as greeting potential business partners or customers, or showing respect to someone of higher status.
  • saikeirei it is the most formal of these three bows and is used with a more serious tone. This bow can be used to show respect to someone of very high status, such as the Emperor, or to show a strong sense of apology or guilt.

From the photos, the Japanese coach showed respect for the crowd by making the latter option.

Therefore, we can understand that it could have been an apology for the elimination, to a certain extent shameful, on penalties. It is also an image in which the coach showed a lot of respect to his fans, thanking them for all the strength they gave Japan.


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The Japanese coach facing defeat in the World Cup

Japan’s penalty shootout loss to Croatia in the Round of 16 ended a World Cup campaign that was emblematic of the Blue Samurai’s tumultuous journey under coach Hajime Moriyasu.

A pattern of dynamic wins interspersed with dismal performances has been a hallmark of Moriyasu’s tenure, which began with his promotion as national team assistant after helping to take Akira Nishino’s side to the round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. .

This last edition of the Cup shows its trajectory well. At the same time that Japan beat Germany and Spain in the first round, they were also defeated by Costa Rica.



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