Japanese cafe’s rainy season inspired hydrangea shaved ice dessert changes colour like magic

While many may write off Japan’s wet and humid rainy season as a complete wash out, there’s actually a few upsides to this time of year if you know where to look. Just one example is the blooming of hydrangeas, a colourful flower known for its pretty pink, blue and purple tones, which can only be seen during rainy season.

The season may be wet, but it still retains the high temperatures of summer, meaning you don’t have to put a stop to enjoying Japan’s summer specialties, including kakigori, a shaved ice dessert flavoured with syrup and other refreshing toppings. One kakigori cafe in Kamakura, a beachside town not far from Tokyo, has found a delicious way to combine the two and make a sweet and icy tribute to the representative flower of the rainy season.

This exceedingly Instagrammable kakigori (1420 yen) is inspired by hydrangea flowers. The blue ice will change to purple right before your very eyes, when the accompanying homemade lemon syrup is poured on top of it. The shaved ice can also be customised by choosing your favourite fruit syrup, and the option to add shiratama mochi balls is available too.

If flower-inspired desserts aren’t really your thing there’s plenty of other kakigori to choose from with fruit toppings such as strawberry, or matcha if you prefer Japanese style dessert flavours.

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【こまち茶屋営業再開のお知らせ🎊】 . 2Fこまち茶屋 です🍡皆様お待たせいたしました😊明日より営業再開のご案内です! . 当店自慢のかき氷も明日より販売いたします🍧 . 写真は当店名物の「紫陽花氷」✨鎌倉に咲き始めた紫陽花をイメージした美しいブルーのかき氷💠レモンシロップをかけると魔法のように、紫色に変化する楽しいかき氷です。 . レモンシロップと相性の良い6種の果物のシロップから2種類を選んで、お好みで味を変えてお召し上がりください❤️ . ⚫︎紫陽花氷 単品 1,420円/税込 ⚫︎白玉ソフト付き 1,630円/税込 . マスク着用の徹底、店内消毒、ソーシャルディスタンス等コロナ対策をして皆様のお越しをお待ちしております。どうぞご利用ください🍵 . #こまち茶屋 #アイザ鎌倉 #鎌倉屋 #鎌倉カフェ #鎌倉ランチ #小町通り #小町通りランチ #鎌倉旅行 #kamakura #komachidori #kamakuracafe #kamakuralunch #japantrip #鎌倉グルメ #鎌倉喫茶 #鎌倉デート #小町通りスイーツ #小町通りカフェ #鎌倉食べ歩き #小町通り食べ歩き #小町通りグルメ #鎌倉 #鶴岡八幡宮 #鎌倉散策 #生しらす丼 #かき氷 #鎌倉かき氷 #紫陽花氷 #鎌倉紫陽花#ファッションプレス掲載

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The cafe itself, called Komachi Chaya, can be found on the famous Komachi Street, making it a convenient place to visit while on a Kamakura day trip in the summer.
Address: i-ZA鎌倉 2F, 1 Chome-6-15 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0006
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