Japan plans to ease entry ban for 10 Asian countries and regions

Japan will start negotiations to lift travel restrictions for China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and more

As of July 1, there are 129 countries and regions affected by Japan’s entry ban as a precautionary measure against Covid-19 coronavirus. However, there is finally some hope as the country has reportedly been in talks to gradually ease travel restrictions. When Japan government first revealed plans for a travel bubble in June, only four countries were mentioned: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. But now, 10 more countries and regions in Asia could be added to the list.


The Japan Times reports that Japan will begin negotiations with Brunei, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan this month. These countries and regions, which maintain strong business relationships with Japan, are chosen partly because they have managed to keep their respective coronavirus situations under control. The Japan Times also states that business travellers and international talent will be the top priority, followed by foreign students and then tourists.

Though these negotiations are aimed towards recovering the economy and promoting international business, the ease in restrictions are a promising sign of a return to normalcy. While Japan’s new coronavirus infections have peaked in recent days, the Japanese foreign minister revealed on Friday July 10 that these numbers will not affect negotiations.
Article Source: TimesOut


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