If you need company, you can rent an idler in Japan

Renting a vacant in Japan is just one of the services that exist in the country and are aimed at renting people.

This may seem unimaginable in many parts of the world. However, if you have already contracted someone’s service to liven up a party, it would be as if you had hired a person.


However, what is really surprising about Japan is the wide range of people that are available for “hire”.

Discover here the modality of renting Neet people. The term refers to an English term that would be ” No ot in AND education, AND mployment, or T raining”. Translated, we can say that he is not studying, not employed and not in training.


Rent a vacant in Japan

The term Neet originated in the UK and spread to other countries such as Japan.

At first it was only used for young people who were not employed, did not engage in housework, were not enrolled in school or any work-related training, but eventually came to include even “not looking for work”.

Some politicians these days say it’s a problem, but these young Neet are apparently finding a way to get by.


So if someone calls you a NEET it usually carries a negative connotation like being called a bum. But in Japan it is possible to rent one of these people.

There are even companies dedicated to this type of service. One such business, Rental Neet, was created by the CEO of NEET Inc., Yosuke Naka (仲陽介) . In June 2014, he started renting as a NEET in Akihabara. His entire marketing plan involved him holding up a sign on the side of the road saying “NEET FOR RENT: You can rent me”.

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The experience of renting a vacant in Japan


The Tofugo website made this experience of renting an idle person.

The site rented a girl and two reporters went to find her. According to the report “When we arrived, we were greeted by a well-dressed young woman. She didn’t look like a lazy bum, or the sly, shrewd president of a company. Instead, she came across as a genuine and industrious woman, with a warm and gentle air. As soon as we saw her, we relaxed.”

And they took the opportunity to ask her some questions. One of the reports is that the vast majority of those who hire this service are men. In addition, she added: “there is a rule that they cannot touch me, and all the offers I have accepted so far have been safe. While the first offer was just to help clean out an acquaintance of mine’s house, most of my clients were in their 30s or 40s and asked me for relationship advice on getting back with their exes. I was like a love consultant.”

In other situations, she has also been called upon to help with work at some companies. “[Já fui] to the company as an extra help. Back then, I was surprised to get these offers, but I understand now why I have my own company. I learned that it costs a lot of money just to look for workers.”

Not only is the girl a Neet, she has started her own Neet company. In this way, we can say that she is no longer so idle, right? But even so, her profession continues to be frowned upon in Japan and not considered a real job.

Source: Tofugu.

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