‘I Sent It Flying’: Japanese Woman, 82, Fights a Bear in Her Backyard and WINS

An Asian black bear was no match for an 82-year-old Japanese woman who fought off the attacking animal with her bare hands.

Rumiko Sasaki was weeding her garden with her husband, Kazushi, in Kita Hiroshimacho, Hiroshima Prefecture on July 16 when the bear suddenly approached the elderly couple.
Sasaki only noticed the bear when her husband yelled to warn her of the oncoming quadruped.
“When I stood up, there was a bear standing there, and it came right at me, aiming right at my face,” she told Nippon Television.
“I screamed and tossed it off me and sent it flying. I think I hit it a few times too. Then it ran away,” Sasaki recounted, according to SoraNews24.


She estimated that the bear stood around 150 centimeters (4.9 feet) on its hind legs, and weighed around 150 kilograms (396 pounds).
Sasaki sustained light injuries during the attack, including scratches on her face. She had to get stitches on her nose.
There have been 252 bear sightings in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2020, but this is the first attack on a human, Grape reported.

Feature Image (left) via Elise Wong from Pixabay, (right) @news24ntv


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