How was the vote of Brazilians in Japan?

Brazilians in Japan also have the right to vote. With technology, it is possible that even a Brazilian citizen who is on the other side of the planet can vote and help define the course of his home country. After all, he is a Brazilian citizen and deserves to have his rights guaranteed.

In the last presidential election on October 2, 2022, Brazilians went to the consulates to vote.


It is worth mentioning here that this article intends to describe how the voting was in Japan. It is not about defending one of the candidates, but presenting how Brazilians in Japan vote and what was the result of their choice.

If you only want to see the result of the election in Japan, go to the end of the article.


Brazilians in Japan and elsewhere on the planet also vote

There are almost 700,000 Brazilians living abroad who participated in the 2022 elections.

They only voted for president, because it would not be possible to define exactly which state each Brazilian is in so that he can vote for senator, governor, federal deputy and state deputy.

We hope that this will happen soon. But, for now, it is great news that Brazilians who are not in Brazil can participate in the choice of the next president.


And, as is well known, the policy adopted in Brazil does not only affect who is in the country, but who is a Brazilian citizen. Therefore, it is very important that voters who are not in the country make their choice and also know the proposals. One of them may have a proposal that pleases him more and that also better meets his desires even though he is not in Brazil. In addition, the government can also represent and help the interests of his family members who are in the country.

In many places on the planet, elections started earlier than in Brazil. For the sake of the time zone, Japan, as well as New Zealand, started voting when in Brazilian lands it was still Saturday, 10/1.

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The results of the ballot boxes of Brazilians in Japan

In total, there were eight polling places in Japan. And the presidential candidate for reelection Jair Messias Bolsonaro won with more than 60% of the valid votes.


According to the UOL news portal, the number of voters in Japan increased by about 25%. Currently, there are 76,000 Brazilians who can vote in the country.

In many of the ballot boxes, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva did not even reach 20% of the valid votes, as was the case with the Tokyo ballot box.

In Nagoya, Bolsonaro reached 80% of the votes. It is worth mentioning that Nagoia is among the 5 largest Brazilian electorates outside Brazil.

Brazilians in Japan are expected to return to the polls in the second round, as well as those in other countries, and continue to participate in Brazilian democracy.

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