How To Watch ‘Bullet Train’: Is The Brad Pitt Movie Streaming Online?

Sometimes there are films that you have been literally counting days to watch. “Bullet Train” is one film that has been sitting on your watchlist for months. The star-studded cast of “Bullet Train” consists of the evergreen Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Joey King, and even Bad Bunny. Taking you through a ride on a speedy and bumpy train ride, the “Bullet Train” is climbing up the number charts at a high speed. With such an interesting plot and feisty characters, audiences are hoping to get early access to the film. So, when is the “Bullet Train” releasing? How and where can you watch “Bullet Train” online? Get to know about the updates of the film that has made so much noise.

When Will “Bullet Train” Be Released?

Luckily, you do not have to wait to get the date for “Bullet Train”. The film has dropped at your nearest theaters and if you want to have that grand theater experience, we recommend you to visit the nearest theaters. “Bullet Train” was released worldwide on 5th August 2022 which was a Friday. So, the film is now running in theaters.

The Story of “Bullet Train”

First things first, the “Bullet Train” is based on the famed Japanese novel written by Kotaro Isaka. It has been adapted to be transformed into this amazing film and top names of the industry are playing their individual characters.

To start with, Brad Pitt depicts the role of an assassin named Ladybug. He has been assigned the task of carrying a briefcase and then hopping on a bullet train. Lady Bug is supposed to get up on the train from Tokyo and then get down at Kyoto. However, things changed when three other killers were boarding the same train and even they are looking forward to stealing that briefcase. This is a fun movie packed with actions and of course, unforeseen adventures that fans will hardly forget. 

The movie as a whole has been making positive impacts on the audiences and so, the hype is still great. But is it available online to watch?

How To Watch “Bullet Train” Online?

Since the movie was just released in worldwide theaters, fans are going to the theaters to watch the movie. However, how can we watch “Bullet Train” on any streaming platform? To be clear, as of now, the film is only available in theaters to watch. Fans are questioning when the movie will be available on the streaming service. So, here is how and when the “Bullet Train” can be watched online,

Currently, Sony Pictures is in charge of distributing the rights of “Bullet Train”. Since Sony and Netflix have an excellent rapport, it is believed that the film is soon going to be available on Netflix. Like Sony’s “Uncharted” has released on Netflix this 5th August, we are sure that the OTT giant is planning to surprise the fans with an early release of “Bullet Train”.

watch bullet train 2022

As a matter of fact, IGN also hinted about the deal that Netflix and Sony have between them. It is anticipated that the film will be dropping on Netflix pretty soon, late 2022 to be precise. If not so, then the film is surely going to land on Netflix by early 2023. The date is yet to be confirmed but once updated, and when released, you will be the first to know about it.

Now, users who do not have a subscription to Netflix cannot watch the “Bullet Train” online. Netflix does not have any free plans and so, you cannot enjoy the free services of the OTT platform. Netflix has kept the subscription charges pretty nominal. You need to pay only $9.99 per month to enjoy the benefits of the streaming platform. It will not only give you access to “Bullet Train” but other exclusive content that are available only on Netflix. 

“Bullet Train” has the biggest stars in the world, and so, the craze surrounding this is growing every day. Netflix is planning to soon announce the dates for “Bullet Train” and you can see the entire version in the comfort of your home. Are you thrilled to watch the newest release “Bullet Train”?


It is all about how you can watch bullet train online. Leave your comment below for more queries and stay tuned with us for more updates, Lee Daily.

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