How the Japanese explain the unexpected Cup victory with Dragon Ball and Women’s Wrestling

Japan’s 2022 World Cup victory over Germany 2-1 was incredible.

However, not all Japanese follow football like in Brazil. Some of them may not even have understood the importance of this incredible result. Thus, SoraNews, a Japanese news site, tried to explain to a Japanese average person who is not involved in football.


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Japan in the World Cup and the victory over Germany


When it was announced that Japan’s first soccer World Cup match would be against Germany, everyone assumed that Japan’s opening match would end in defeat. Even when Taiyo, an otter at a Japanese aquarium, predicted that Japan would be victorious, most reactions were a mixture of disbelief and amusement.

So when Japan ended up scoring two goals, snatching the victory from right under Germany’s noses, it was the turn of the century. After all, Germany has won the World Cup an impressive four times, while Japan has yet to make the top eight.

However, a reporter, PK Sanjun, despite knowing that Japan’s victory was important, he did not know the extent of it.


As a baseball fan, PK is really not interested in the world of football. So, although he was pleased with Japan’s victory, he couldn’t understand how monumental the result is.

He didn’t even watch the winning game and was still in doubt whether he would watch the next one.

But the general post-match atmosphere across Japan urged reporters to explain to him why everyone was so euphoric.


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Japan’s World Cup victory explained to a Japanese who doesn’t like football

The reporter’s friends found some ways on how to explain the meaning of what had just happened. One of them said: “Let’s see… it’s like Yamcha defeated Nappa. No, more than that… it’s like Yamcha has defeated Vegeta!”

Which?! This is impossible! Yamcha was killed by a Saibaman, so how the hell would he have any hope of defeating Vegeta?! The Japanese soccer team has achieved something really amazing!

Another example found was using women’s wrestling as an example. So one of the reporter’s friends said, “This is an old example, but I’m going to use an analogy of an All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling match from the 90’s. This victory would be like Numacchi defeating Akira Hokuto! And not only that, but it’s like she won by doing a Northern Lights Bomb and pinning her opponent while giving her the middle finger!”

PK was stunned once more. There’s no way Numacchi can win against someone as strong as Akira Hokuto! And not only that, but with a devastating move like the Northern Lights Bomb! If Japan defeating Germany is as unbelievable as that, then Japan’s feat must be really amazing!

And another example would be a turnaround in the economy. Another friend said “Maybe it’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s like Japan suddenly has the highest GDP (gross domestic product) score in the world. As if Japan surpassed the US, it’s unbelievable!!”

Thus, the significance of Japan’s victory for the Japanese is immense! We hope that this victorious trajectory continues for a longer time!

Source: Sora News.

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