how Google Street View became a weapon of the bad guys in the country

There are many crimes in Japan that are similar to any that are carried out around the world. For example, there are also robbers there. Obviously in smaller quantities than in many other places on the planet, such as Brazil, but even so, it also exists there.

But a type of crime that is taking place in the country certainly doesn’t happen everywhere yet. The main tool for this crime to happen is Google Maps, from its Google Street View tool.


Google Street View allows a user to view the facade of a house. In some cases, it is possible to observe many details.

So, get to know what has been happening in Japan and what are the measures taken by the authorities and the police to prevent this type of crime from increasing.


Crimes in Japan and Google Street View

Street View on Google Maps is extremely convenient, but sometimes for the wrong people, like stalkers or thieves who use the service to investigate their targets before stealing cars or breaking into houses. The problem has left experts calling for measures to reduce the information available in Street View that could be used by criminals.

These crimes in Japan happen from the criminal’s visualization of what a house is like. With Google Street View images it is possible, in many cases, to see which car the person owns and some details of how the security of a home is.

Google Street View provides not only information about buildings and vehicle types, but also a detailed view of the surroundings, so criminals can see a house’s structure and escape routes without actually going there to see it. So they can both identify which house is the easiest to break into, as well as which one has the most assets.


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Crimes in Japan and Police Measures

On October 13, 2022, officers from the Handa Police Station of Aichi Prefectural Police, Japan, conducted a crime prevention assessment in the Nakamura neighborhood of this city.

As the officers looked around, Nobuo Adachi, deputy head of the station’s Community Security Division, offered tips on how to avoid falling victim to crime, including: “If you leave stairs outside, criminals can climb them, so why please keep them inside. “

He also advised residents to ask Google to blur their homes and cars in Street View so no one can digitally explore their properties.


To blur your home in Street View, go to Google Maps and select “Report a problem” from the drop-down menu next to the location in the upper left corner. After moving a frame over the area you want to blur, select a subject from the blur motifs of “A face”, “My house”, “My car/plate plate” and “A different object”.

Provide more details about what you want to blur in the text box, enter your email address and click send. The change can take effect from the day of the request.

Source: Mainichi.JP.

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