House Of The Dragon: Who Is The White Worm?

Episode nine of House of the Dragon focused heavily on the White Worm. Over the course of the Game of Thrones prequel, the spymaster has played a supporting role in King’s Landing. Spoilers for the ninth episode of House of the Dragon ahead.

Episode 9 deals with the White Worm’s covert protection of Prince Aegon II before his coronation. Using just one line, “My sympathies on the passing of your king,” she manages to stun Otto Hightower with the depth of her contacts in the city.

Since nobody in the palace knew that King Viserys had died, she must have spies working within the building. She tells Hightower straight out, “When your machinations ripen and you position your grandson on the throne, remember, it was me who put him there.”

White Worm In House Of Dragon

I was as capable of murdering him as a wasp would be of killing a piece of fruit. Who then is this daring princess of thieves who dares to endanger the Queen’s hand?

Who Is The White Worm?

Mysaria, the s*x prostitute Daemon abducted as an illegal second bride in Episode 2, is strongly indicated to be the mysterious source from which Otto obtained his information. Next Daemon and Rhaenyra’s great night out, Mysaria is shown as becoming progressively disdainful of her boyfriend the following morning.

At the same time, she exchanges money with the young boy who was seen following Rhaenyra out of the pleasure house, making it very evident that Mysaria was the one who paid him to do so.

Fire & Blood, George R.R. Martin’s fictitious history of House Targaryen, confirms that Mysaria is also known as the White Worm, lending credence to all of this. In the book, she gets this moniker because of her ghostly white complexion, but on the programme, Japanese-American actress Sonoya Mizuno plays the role.

Daemon marries Laena Velaryon and then Rhaenyra, leaving Mysaria out of the subsequent chapters. But in Episode 8’s “Lord of the Tides,” she returns for a quick sequence that has a huge impact and shows that she has been working behind the scenes the whole time.

Earlier in the episode, Alicent manipulates and pays Dyana, the maid who was sexually raped by Prince Aegon, to keep quiet about the rape and to drink moon tea (basically a Westerosi morning after pill). Throughout this conversation, Alicent’s maid Talia listens in, and we later see her pay a secret visit to Mysaria, where she presumably tells the queen’s and Aegon’s secret to the ruler there.

Episode 6 of House of the Dragon, titled “The Princess and the Queen,” also featured Talia (played by Alexis Raben, the wife of House of the Dragon director Miguel Sapochnik), who presumably overheard Alicent’s conversation with Larys Strong before being dismissed. She then reported this information to Queen Mysaria.

White Worm In House Of Dragon
White Worm In House Of Dragon

Now we know that, like Varys in “Game of Thrones,” Mysaria has been using a network of “little birds” to gather intel on Alicent. Now that the season’s end is in sight, she may finally reveal all (moon) season’s secrets. At first glance, Mysaria appeared to be working for Otto Hightower.

However, it now appears that she is actually gathering information to be utilised against the Hightowers. This is consistent with what we learn about her in the novel, as she serves as a royal spymaster and unofficial “mistress of whisperers” to Princess Rhaenyra during the Targaryen civil war. That implies she’ll likely see her ex, Daemon, again soon…

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