Hotel room in Japan offers 10 liters of craft beer for free!

Have you ever thought about staying in a hotel in Japan and having a beer tap with 10 liters for you to drink at will?

Would you like to stay in one of these rooms? It is certainly a differential for many people to choose this accommodation.


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Hotel in Japan with room with free beer


It’s always nice when you check into a hotel and find that the amenities include some sort of complimentary drink waiting for you in your room. Whether it’s packets of instant coffee, green tea bags, or even some bottled water, these thirst-quenching goodies are always appreciated.

But there is one hotel in Japan that takes this concept to another level, and possibly as high as possible, by putting a beer tap in every room and giving you a massive amount of free beer to drink.

Located in Shizuoka City, The Villa & Barrel Lounge opened this summer. The company behind it, however, West Coast Brewing, had already established itself as one of Japan’s most popular craft brewing operations, and the hotel is located across the street from the brewery.

So, with such a short distribution line, each of the hotel’s five rooms is equipped with its own beer tap and a 10-liter (338 oz) supply of West Coat Brewing beer per night, free of charge, for guests to enjoy. . What’s more, it’s a specially made drink exclusively for hotel room taps, not available anywhere else.


In addition to winning beer, it will be exclusive to those who are there.

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How does beer consumption work at this hotel in Japan?

Well, but what if you and whoever is staying with you can’t drink that much beer?

Don’t worry. Any leftover beer on your lot is yours to take home, as long as you have a growler (essentially a bottle to store carbonated beverages like beer). Wow!

If somehow you need even more beer during your stay, or maybe just want a change of scenery or the chance to mingle with the locals, the first floor of the building, called the Barrel Lounge, is a West Coast tavern. Brewing.

And there you can have even more fun. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about having to return home or even having to hire an app driver or taxi to take you to a hotel. You will already be in one and you can enjoy and drink without any worries. In addition, the drink is of quality and very tasty for you to enjoy with whoever is sharing the accommodation.

Source: Sora News.

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