Guns Replaced With Fishes In A Manga Advertisement In Japan

An advertisement of The Fable: The Second Contract manga at Osaka station in Japan replaced all the guns in it with fishes due to the regulations placed on advertising.


It seems like the advertisers purposely replaced the guns in the poster with fishes to get over the regulations. They even put a statement in the advertisement which translated to: “That’s it…the pros can advertise with even saury fish…”, and claimed that they used “wisdom and ingenuity to get through most things in life.”

“Advertise with pacific saury? No problem….” another dialogue in the ad read.

The Fable The Second Contact Station

The advertisement at Osaka station was put up to promote The Fable: The Second Contract manga’s fifth volume, which released in Japan on Nov 4, 2022.

The manga is a sequel to The Fable manga which was illustrated and written by Katsuhisa Minami. The sequel is being serialized in Weekly Young Magazine since June 2021.

The Fable manga was also serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine between November 2014 to November 2019.

The Fable The Second Contact

The manga’s chapters were collected into 22 tankobon volumes. Kodansha USA licensed the manga for English publication in 2022.

Source: Otakomu

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