“Godlike!” Photographer captures fiery “phoenix” in Japan sky

Based in Kyoto, Japanese photographer Shota (Twitter, Instagram) has a lot of beautiful scenery at his hands to choose from when he goes out in search of shots.

However, Shota has a specialty for photography of scenery he describes as depicting “inverted worlds” or being “anime-esque”. In order to capture that aesthetic, he often turns his camera lens to the sky.


Recently Shota picked one heck of a time to do just that, capturing a stunning picture he shared with the fitting caption “sunset on a day when a phoenix appeared.”

Shota’s perfectly-timed picture captures spreading clouds, tinted a fiery mix of red and orange, at sunset that really does look like the mythical Phoenix. Many on Twitter felt the same, expressing their wonder in the replies (although not many seemed to find it as ominous as the dark phoenix that appeared above Mt. Fuji):


“It’s truly divine! I have never seen such a fantastic view!”

“What a truly a mythical landscape.”

“It really looks like the “phoenix” is flapping its wings!”


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