Fukushima reopens 11 years after nuclear leak

A Japanese city that is world famous is Fukushima. However, this fame is not due to something good, but to the nuclear accident that occurred in the region in 2011.

That year, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake caused tidal waves in Fukushima. The huge wave hit the defenses of the Fukushima nuclear power plant and flooded the reactors, causing a major disaster.


As a result, there were three nuclear meltdowns, three hydrogen explosions, and radioactive contamination was released.

In addition to the devastation that the earthquake and tsunami caused across Japan, there was still the nuclear issue that caused more people to be victimized.


The earthquake that hit Japan at that time was so great that it even shifted the earth.

This nuclear accident was considered the worst since the Chernobyl accident in 1969.

After the event, radiation levels in the area were so high that the government created an exclusion zone, forcing 150,000 residents to flee their homes.

However, for some years, some regions of the city are being opened. However, it still looks like an apocalyptic movie or an end-of-the-world video game. Check out more here about how the city is currently.


A spooky Japanese city

The Japanese news agency Sora News 24 visited two of the cities affected after the 2011 earthquake, Futaba and Tomioka, which lie within the nearly 20 km exclusion zone.

Between 2011, when the disaster struck, and 2013, both locations became ghost towns without permission to live there.

From 2013 to 2020, some areas were reopened to daytime access — but several remained closed due to deadly levels of radiation, as recorded by the company’s website. Sora News 24.

Two years after the site’s visit to Fukushima, again a reporter went to the city.

What he can see is that some of the blocks have already been removed. In other words, it expanded the area in which people can live, so that those who want to, can already return to the city where they lived for more than a decade.

however, as the reporter pointed out, the city still resembles a post-apocalyptic movie. However, there is not a movie set, but a city that once housed thousands of people.

The blinds remain closed and the curtains drawn, making it look like a spooky house in a ghost town.

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Some people already live in the Japanese ghost town

After walking around for a while, the reporter finally breathed a sigh of relief when he came across this new apartment building, which he was advertising for tenants, where he saw fresh laundry hanging on a porch, suggesting that someone had already moved in.

Nearby was a collapsible building that appeared to be the prefabricated office of a construction company, and also appeared to be inhabited by people, probably here on temporary assignment for work related to reconstruction.

However, life still hasn’t completely returned to normal. Yonomoritsutsumi Park, as it is known, is closed for good reason – according to the dosimeter on the other side of the fence, the radiation levels here are of 0.413 microSieverts per hour. The Ministry of the Environment’s requirement for decontaminated areas is 0.23 microSieverts per hour.

Exposure to radiation can cause several diseases, including cancer.

Source; Sora News 24.

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