Cup Noodles All Star! This is only possible in Japan!

All Star tennis in Japan is also a success, as well as in much of the world. And, to encourage consumers even more, it always launches special editions, like Pokémon, for example.

This time, the partnership of the Converse brand achieved an unprecedented partnership with Cup Noodles and the sneakers started to be stylized with inspiration in the instant browns most consumed on the planet.


The most amazing thing is that they are amazingly beautiful and anyone who is not in Japan will definitely want to buy one of these.

After all, it’s a comfortable shoe with a unique style.


Learn more about this new release and how amazing it is here.

All Star in Japan and Cup Noodles more united than ever

The two famous companies collaborated to produce two new Cup Noodle high top sneaker designs and one low top sneaker design . The tall barrels are based on Cup Noodle’s most popular flavors: Original and Seafood.

The Original Cup-Noodle high top is, of course, modeled on the bright red, white and yellow design of the packaging. Red stitching and accents stand out against a white canvas background, and you can round it out with red or white laces.


The Cup Noodle logo instantly recognizable is printed in red on the right shoe, with “Talk” written in Cup Noodle font in the left shoe.

Underneath the Converse All Star logo (which features a red star and Cup Noodle font) on the inner side of the ankle is the cup noodle bars and along the midsole is the golden vein that you might find in a Cup Noodle cup.

The high-top Cup Noodle Seafood model has a similar design, using blue and red. The stitching and details are mostly blue, including the ingredients list on the tongue, barcode, Converse All Star logo, and “Converse” in Cup Noodle font on the left shoe.


As the Cup Noodle and Nissin logos are red, there are also some red decorationssuch as the “Cup Noodle” portion of the Cup Noodle Seafood logo and the “Converse All Star” text of the star logo, which is written in Cup Noodle font.

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All Star in Japan and Cup Noodles – the low top model

The low top model is also a lot of fun. And it’s also based on the original Cup Noodles.

Furthermore, even its laces are stylized and its entire black and white design brings another impression to the sneaker.

It sure is a beautiful sneaker that makes anyone hungry while walking comfortably.

All the sneakers’ designs were carefully thought out and there is even the charm of the first hole in the lace being in red, clearly referring to the red of the traditional flavor packaging.

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