Crunchyroll Bans Tutanota Email ID’s On Its Streaming Platform

The anime streaming site Crunchyroll has been facing login issues with users using Tutanota email id’s. Tutanota, an open source security focused email service, a service similar to Proton mail but cheaper, reached out to Crunchyroll regarding this issue. To which, Crunchyroll, informed them they have banned the id’s due to most hackers using Tutanota email id’s for hacking in their accounts.

Tutanota’s official Twitter handle shared the dialogue between them and Crunchyroll which happened via email.


Furthermore, when a Tutanota user reached out to Crunchyroll regarding the login issue, they suggested them to use email services from other big companies. The response was shared by Tutanota on their official Twitter handle.

Tutanota further said, “You should not need to disregard your own personal privacy to access an online streaming service. The desire for online privacy does not make you a criminal!


Crunchyroll hasn’t responded to this yet.

Source: Official Twitter of Tutanota


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