Brazilians join Japan’s wanted list for murder

Japan’s wanted list has gained another member. This time, a Brazilian entered it because he was the main suspect in executing his wife and daughter.

The Brazilian joined the list after Osaka prefectural police identified him on August 31. The crime took place in Sakai City, which is located in Osaka Prefecture.


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A Brazilian on Japan’s Wanted List for Killing Wife and Daughter

Japanese police are looking for 33-year-old Barbosa Anderson Robson. According to the Mainichi Shinbum newspaper, he is believed to have already left Japan and possibly returned to Brazil. Osaka Prefectural Police have released a photo of the man and are considering registering him as an international fugitive.


The Brazilian is accused of stabbing Manami Aramaki and her daughter Lily in the chest and neck with a knife. The crime allegedly took place sometime between August 20 and 21 in her apartment. A bloodstained kitchen knife was discovered in the room where the two were stabbed, and police named Barbosa as the prime suspect based on circumstantial evidence at the crime scene.

From security camera footage and other material, police learned that Barbosa fled the scene and took a train from his nearest station on the morning of August 21 before staying in the Namba area of ​​Chuo Ward town in Osaka. He then bought a plane ticket to Brazil and was confirmed to leave Japan from Narita International Airport, east of Tokyo, the following night.

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The alleged murder came to light after Aramaki’s father called the police on August 24, saying he had not been able to contact his daughter or husband since August 22. The crime is still treated as supposed by the Japanese police because it is not possible to claim with certainty that he was the one who carried out the executions. You would need to do the investigation thoroughly and have a sentence to identify him as guilty.


However, according to the Osaka Police, all circumstances lead to him.

Barbosa and Aramaki were married about three years ago and started living in the apartment about two months before the alleged murder. According to his workplace, where he started last spring, the suspect called his work twice on Aug.

After that last contact, nothing more was known about him.


A source told the Mainichi Shimbun, “I’m shocked because he worked hard and never took days off unannounced.”

Source: Mainichi Shumbun.

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