Bacon shake to dip the pizza! Japan’s new invention

A new invention in Japan of how to consume a piece of pizza is proving how fertile the country’s imagination is!


Check out what this shake is like and if you would dare to eat it as Domino’s recommends”


Invention from Japan mixes shake, bacon and pizza!

Did you know that Domino’s sells thick shakes in Japan? It’s a fact that many pizza-loving customers may have overlooked in the past, but there’s no ignoring it now that the chain has announced a new addition to its lineup – the Bacon Shake.


Domino’s is calling it a “shocker dessert,” and judging by the meaty, fatty main ingredient, it’s easy to see why. The shake contains a blend of rich ice cream and Hokkaido milk and a generous serving of crispy bacon bits, which are said to create a “crazy” but delicious salty sweet flavor profile.

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How to consume this invention from Japan?

What’s even crazier than the shake itself is the way Domino’s suggests we enjoy it. They say the milk drink is the perfect partner for their pizzas, especially two of the new burger-inspired pizzas released on January 16, 2023. So one of the ways to eat is by slathering this shake on your pizza!

According to Domino’s, customers should dip their pizza slices in the shake to enjoy a new taste sensation. The chain even established a three-step process for customers to follow:

  1. Dive in and eat with the popular Burger Pizza Quattro Bacon Cheddar Burger
  2. Dive in and eat with the popular Burger Pizza Quattro D’s Exquisite Cheese Burger
  3. Decide which one is crazier with family and friends

Would you dare to take this test?

That’s pretty much the same as adding an ice cream topping to your pizza, which sounds like a winning combination for the taste buds, albeit a dangerous one for being full of fat.

The Bacon Shake will only be available for a limited time, until March 5, 2023, which is the same sales period as the new burger-inspired pizzas, so this sinful menu choice won’t be able to tempt us for long.


In Japan, it is common for fast food chains to invent foods that are seasonal and available for a short time. This helps trade as there is always something new in one place.

This invention of the pizzeria, follows the trend of dipping fried chicken in the shake at fast food chain Mos Burger. However, Mos Burguer achieved real success and is very strong in the market. Let’s see what happens to Domino’s. Who knows, maybe this shake won’t come back to the pizzeria’s menu….

Meanwhile, be sure that the Japanese are very good at inventing unusual mixtures!

Source: Sora News.

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