Artist turns Japan’s delicious Castella cake into adorable derpy plushie

Spongy castella are one of Japan’s favorite cakes. Available in a variety of flavors and even miniature versions (“baby castella”) sold at festivals, the cake is a popular pairing with coffee or tea around the country.

As delectable as the cake is, it doesn’t particularly seem like the inspiration for an adorable plushie. However, if you remember talented illustrator and stuffed animal artist Mochipan (@mochipan1115) has a reputation for turning rice balls and even Japanese fish cakes into cuddly stuffed animals.

As you can see, the surprisingly adorable and derpy looking castella cake “stuffed animal” fits in right at home with onirigi and kamaboko friends!
And even though it’s not real, it looks just as cozy next to a glass of milk.

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