Artist gives world leaders fabulous poses from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Chancil (Candra Dwiyanto) is a talented graphic designer and illustrator from Jakarta, Indonesia. He describes himself as “doing cultural diplomacy through art”, and perhaps the informative aspect of that can be seen through his beautiful illustrations introducing Indonesian mythological creatures.

Chancil’s latest arstistic endeavor is a series titled “World Leaders Getchancilized in Jojo’s Poses”, and gives the leaders of countries around the world a by illustrating them striking the signature overdramatic poses from popular anime and manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!


The series is still in ongoing, so there are more countries and poses on the way, but you can see Chancil’s awesome artwork and which over-the-top pose your country’s leader got matched up with below.


To follow the series as Chancil updates it, as well as check out some other great illustrations, be sure to follow Chancil on Instagram, Twitter, and deviantart.
Picture Source: Chancil.chan
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