Anime Production Companies Face Losses For 2 Consecutive Years

The report published by financial research firm, Teikoku Databank, focusing on anime industry in 2021 reveals that it has suffered losses. Out of 309 production companies 39.8% are in losses, which is 0.9% higher than 2020. It also the highest loss faced by anime industry since at least FY2000.

This is the first time since 2000 that the anime industry has faced losses for 2 consecutive years.


The firm stated that the losses are due to drop in number of TV anime productions, Covid19 pandemic, shortage of human resources, and the delays to the production caused by these in 2021 as the reason.

The total industry revenue for 2021 sums up to 249.582 billion yen ~ USD 1.87 billion, which is 5% lower than 2020.


About 46.2% of anime companies specializing in subcontract work such as in-between animation etc. also suffered losses. The average revenue for such companies in 2021 summed up to 287 million yen ~ USD 2.15 million.

The average revenue of an anime company was 818 million yen ~USD 6.13 million.

Out of the 309 companies surveyed, 70 outsourced their production contracts in 2021. Of which, 33 were based in China, 25 in America, 15 in South Korea, 7 in Taiwan, and 19 in other countries.


The number of TV anime titles have also dropped for the 4th consecutive year in 2020. It dropped to just 80 from its historic peak of 278.

Sources: ANN

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