an easy way to prevent diabetes

Japanese tea, more specifically, green tea, has numerous properties. One can help many people as it helps in preventing diabetes.

Diabetes is one of those silent diseases and, when it manifests itself, it can bring great complications to the person, leading to limb amputation and also blindness depending on the stage they are in.


First of all, let’s make it clear that green tea helps in prevention, it is not the cure or what will guarantee that you will never develop the disease. The best thing is to have a healthy diet, practice physical activities and also go to the doctor regularly. Also, there may be cases where green tea may not be recommended for the person, so please consult a doctor.

Japanese tea and diabetes

An academic study conducted in Japan and published in the journal Diabetes & Metabolism Journalrevealed that those who drank at least six cups of Japanese green tea daily were one-third less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to people who consumed less than one cup a week.


Also according to the study, these small measures, such as drinking green tea, can greatly help the health system as a whole. After all, it tends to reduce the number of people who may develop the disease.

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How Japanese tea can help people with diabetes

People suffering from diabetes are unable to properly maintain healthy blood sugar levels. While insulin is produced by people without diabetes to lower their blood sugar, people with diabetes are not sensitive to insulin, causing their blood glucose levels to rise.

In the same study cited above, and tested in mice found that green tea helps sensitize the body’s cells so they can better metabolize sugar.

Japanese tea has many other benefits.

In addition, green tea may have other health benefits.


Drinking green tea can help your body burn more calories throughout the day than you would if you chose a different beverage. This also helps boost metabolism and allows you to exercise with more resistance. Therefore, for those looking to lose weight, this can be a healthier measure than taking medicine.

However, it is worth mentioning that green tea will only help with weight loss if the person follows a healthy and sustainable diet, which, preferably, should be prescribed by a nutritionist.

Green tea also stimulates the nervous system, which starts the fat burning process. Drinking a cup of green tea in the morning can give you the energy you need to continue and finish a strong workout before starting your day.

Sources: Japanese Green Tea Co. and Diabetes & Metabolism Journal.

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