a place that could start a war between japan and china

A war between Japan and China could break out at any moment. This may be due to the Senkaku Island dispute.

The total territory of these islands is relatively small. And it has always been a dispute between China and Japan. However, after World War II, it came under US command. But later, in the year 2012, the Japanese government took control of it.


Senkaku Islands and the possibility of war between Japan and China

One of the issues that makes the Senkaku Islands so important is that there is oil there.


In 1969, the Japanese government sponsored a survey of the underwater geology around the Senkaku Islands. At that point, at that point in time, there really wasn’t anyone thinking that the Senkaku Islands belonged to anyone other than the Japanese. After the survey, they released newspaper reports that confirmed an earlier UN survey saying there was possibly too much oil available.

Niino University of Tokyo’s team of scientists confirmed the results of the UN survey. It established the existence of tertiary marine deposits, over 6,000 feet thick, in the surveyed area. He also discovered that collapsible structures, identified as three large barriers and numerous small ridges, existed in various places. This was a significant discovery, as it indicated the possibility that geological formations exist to trap the petroleum-forming elements that will almost certainly be found in thick marine sediments.

In the following years, Taiwan, China and Japan disputed the oil in that place.


Thus, Japan exercises, since 1972, the administration of the islands. The Japanese allege that the Republic of China only began claiming ownership of the islands in 1971, after the publication of this May 1969 United Nations report that a large oil and gas reserve may exist under the sea floor near the islands. .

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The Senkaku Islands today and the possibility of war between Japan and China

In the year 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan created a website in support of their claims.

In 2016, Chinese fishing, Coast Guard and other vessels entered territorial waters around the islands on an almost daily basis. As early as August 2016, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida allegedly told then Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi “that the activity represented an escalation of tensions”.


More recently, on June 22, 2020, the Ishigaki City Council voted to change the name of the area containing the Senkaku Islands from “Tonoshiro” to “Tonoshiro Senkaku”. Obviously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China replied that the islands belong to the Republic of China, and any move to deny this fact is invalid. The Chinese Communist Party also condemned the council’s move, saying the islands are ROC territory and the nation would not relinquish “an inch” of its sovereignty.

In this way, tensions continue to follow. There may be the use of force to guarantee the Islands at any time if tensions increase.

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