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A Japanese company has created a stick-on face mask for haircuts

As we all do our best to follow proper safety protocols amid the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, we’re realising that some things are just harder to do with a face mask on – and getting a haircut is one of them. That’s where the new stick-on disposable face masks from Salone de Mask come in.

These strapless face masks are transparent and simply stick to your face with adhesive strips that attach to your cheeks and under your jawline. No mask straps means your hairdresser is able to trim around your ears easily without worrying about accidentally snipping off your mask. Plus, the hairdresser can still see your face, so they can still make style judgements about how your new do will look. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time at the salon, these masks are also a viable option if you find face mask straps uncomfortable around the ears.

The face mask comes in two sizes, one small and one large; it even has extra space to allow for a paper filter insert. Available online, the masks start at ¥1,100 for a pack of five. While you’re shopping for face masks, you might also want to check out these cool and quirky face masks and accessories in Japan.
Article Source: TimeOut
Photo Credit: Salone de Mask


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