85-year-old Japanese grandmother uses drawing and becomes a successful Virtual Youtuber!

An 85-year-old Japanese grandma has become the new YouTube sensation in Japan!

Now the country has a new Virtual YouTuber who just debuted. hiroko as it is called, has been verified and approved by many of the Japanese Orthodox checklist items vTuber. This granny’s character is a pretty young woman with a stylish hairstyle in an attractive color, wears a schoolgirl outfit, and has a relaxed, inviting personality.


So what sets Hiroko apart from all the other anime-style virtual YouTubers? The fact that she is 85 years old. And no, this isn’t one of those “This anime girl looks like a teenager, but she’s actually really old due to a spell or cryostasis!” kind of situations. Hiroko’s interpreter is really an 85-year-old grandmother from Hiroshima.

Learn more about this lady and the success she has had in the country here.


Japanese grandma is a hit on Youtube

In the Japanese grandma’s self-introduction video, you can see, “It’s nice to meet you all,” Hiroko greets her viewers. 🇧🇷Some of you young people might think I altered my voice to sound like this, but I’m 85 and firmly in old age.”

But how did it all start? Grandma herself replies: “ My idiot grandson recommended that I become a VTuber, so I made my debut … ‘You can do the things you weren’t able to do in your youth as a VTuber,’ they said, so I’m going to go crazy. I hope you don’t regret your advice, grandson.”

See the video here:


And now she is a real hit in the country.


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Japanese grandma and her heartfelt videos

Like other VTubers, part of Hiroko’s appeal is her candid conversational style. So, in one of these situations, she was very honest. “Finally, my grandchildren are old enough not to have to give money for them in the New Year, [costume japonês] but recently my first great-grandson was born, so now I’ll have to give him money,” she laments, adding, “Guys, let’s use our New Year’s money wisely.”

Monetary issues seem to be on Hiroko’s mind quite often. In a video, she says that received an email from a Gen Z viewer asking which is more important, love or money🇧🇷

And do you know what his answer was?

” That’s easy. Money is the number one thing. It’s thing number two. There is no such thing as number three or number four, but even number five is money. Love is something you’ll have later someday.”

See this video:

Hiroko is also being announced as the first member of Meta Grandmas, a VTuber idol unit for seniors that Japanese media company Otagroup is putting together.

Auditions are still open, with the requirements being that applicants be female, aged 75 or older, living in Japan and in good mental health, the ideal candidate being also outgoing, good singer and “powerful”.

Source: Sora News.

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