30 Problems of a Sloth Hilariously Presented By Japanese Artist Keigo

Sloths are fantastic animals, and we just can’t get enough. Some of us can definitely agree with this statement 100%. However, there’s hardly anyone who loves sloths more than Japanese artist Keigo.

Keigo draws funny and insightful illustrations that feature animals and other quirky characters. Plenty of his drawings feature sloths who like to take it slow and easy. Because we know how much you love good humor, here is a list of the best sloth illustrations by Keigo, featuring the funny struggles the animals encounter in their daily lives. Upvote your favorites, and drop us a comment explaining which ones you like the most and why. And scroll down to read Bored Panda’s interview with the artist! When you’ve read through this post, take a look at Bored Panda’s two other lists featuring this Japanese artist’s illustrations here and here.

“Speaking of drawing, I’m interested in animals that have extreme physical characteristics. It all started from the point where I tried to incorporate those characteristics like “too slow”, “too long” into a drawing, and expressed what happens when those characteristics are incorporated into human society.”

“Animals are personified and therefore everything is expressed exaggeratedly, but more than trying to draw the animals to make them look cute, I am always thinking about how I can express everything in a single piece of drawing.”